Why Mexican Spas Attract Tourists

Spice up your Mexican vacation with a soothing Mayan massage and a waterfall splash or one of the many other celebrated traditional spa therapies.

The healing arts in Mexico are steeped in tradition, especially ancient Mayan therapies. Relax and unite the body, mind, and spirit with these rejuvenating therapies. Like countless others who find Mexico the perfect getaway, make your Mexican vacation a true wellness retreat.

Ancient Mayan Massage

The centuries-old Mayan massage is an abdominal massage therapy that increases lymphatic circulation. This therapy came under the modern spotlight by Rosita Arvigo, a Chicago naturopath who studied this technique extensively with one of the last living Mayan Shamans, Don Elijio Panto. Under her 12-year apprenticeship in Western Belize, Arvigo studied native healing prayers and plants and mastered the art of Mayan massage and routinely watched women visit Shaman Panto to treat conditions of infertility and pelvic complaints.

Intrigued, Arvigo began researching the science behind the effectiveness of Mayan massage. Eventually, she began to specialize in Mayan massage and other forms of bodywork that treated damaged ligaments, tilted uteruses, swollen prostate glands, and other causes of blockage and poor hemodynamics. According to Arvigo, most women experience a misplaced or tipped uterus at some point in their lives from falls, poor alignment, improper shoes, high impact sports or sexual abuse.

Any of these causes can damage or overstretch uterine ligaments; prohibiting the proper support of the uterus and leading to it eventually falling; compressing other organs and causing varicose veins, a build-up of toxins, constipation, headaches and other complains. By realigning the body’s center, the flow of energy becomes unblocked.

Mayan massage is part of a holistic approach to help relax muscles and improve blood and lymph circulation. This style of massage is used for digestive disorders and for correction of the uterus when it has become tilted, fallen or prolapsed in women. In men it is also used to help prevent and treat benign enlargement of the prostate gland. Mayan massage can also help varicose veins, some impotency and premature ejaculation. Mayan massage is available at many Mexican spas.

Mexico is well known for its natural therapies. At the Maya Spa, The Tides Riviera, Maya, Mexico, guests greet the day by participating in the morning sun salutations to restore energy. Spa enthusiasts can book a cabana in the jungle for a Mayan massage or a Sweet Honey and Rain massage that uses herbal bouquets and wild honey that’s harvested on site. The Maya Spa also boasts a Mud and Exfoliation Bar with natural plant based exfoliating agents.

Family Spas

At the Grand Velas All Suites and Spa Resort near Puerto Vallarta, voted Most Excellent Spa Hotel by Conde Nast, in addition to their full-service spa, children have their own Resort Spa for Kids. Here, children can receive hydrating massages, bath therapy and salon services. The main spa also has a spa gym, with state of the art exercise equipment, and daily meditation, yoga and Pilates classes. Private trainers are also available.

The Wellness Spa at the Maya Spa in Tulum, one and a half hours south of Cancun offers a sweat lodge, tropical meals, lucid dreaming courses and daily yoga in addition to a wealth of spa therapies. Guests can also snorkel in fresh water caverns, swim in the sea and kayak in the coral rear.
Favorite Couples Spa

In 2010, the spa at Esperanza, An Auberge Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur Mexico was awarded a Silver Sage Award by readers of Spa Magazine as one of the top 5 international spas for couples. This full-service spa boasts indoor steam caves and waterfalls as well as a gym, private yoga studio and personal trainers. Romantic couple’s massages and private cabanas make the Esperanza a great honeymoon destination.