Fed Up Of The UK? A Caribbean Job Is the Solution

Within the Caribbean are all the islands you’ve heard about; Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, plus hundreds more you probably have not.

Average temperatures there are around 30 degrees Celsius or between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and water temperatures average around 27 Celsius or 80 Fahrenheit.

If you like it warm and sunny, this is the place!

Is there a Caribbean Job for me? 

There are essentially two types of Caribbean jobs:

  • Tourism/Hospitality– these are short-term, seasonal jobs where you can have some fun and work at a hotel, beach club, dive shop, or other tourism type position. Examples of these kinds of jobs would be waitress, spa position, dive instructor, tour coordinator. These types of Caribbean jobs usually appeal to a younger crowd. You can also find work on the yacht charters.
  • Skilled– these are longer term contracts that utilize your deep skill (IT, Law, Insurance, Banking, etc) to supplement a skill that does not readily exist on the islands. Make great money, work hard, and have a good time! Examples of these types of jobs would be Lawyer, Accountant, IT Support, Software Developer, Sales Manager, or other skilled trade. These types of Caribbean Jobs will appeal to job seekers that have established a career or trade.

There’s a number of websites out there that list available Caribbean Jobs. Beware though, you’ll find that many are out of date and some have no job postings at all.

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Happy job hunting!