Fab Fundraising Ideas for Schools

There are many fundraising ideas being used by schools, sports clubs, and animal welfare charities that are effective in bringing in donations, but some of them are quite difficult to execute. However, there are also a number of easy school fundraising ideas and other good causes have used to raise money over the years.

Outdoor summer fair

In most parts of the country we are lucky that the weather is good nearly all year round, and we can hold a summer fete without worrying about the event being rained off. Open-air summer fetes are a great way to raise money and a lot of fun for everybody involved. Brainstorming with the kids at school as well as the parents and teachers will give you loads of ideas for activities that will entertain both children and adults. These include cake sales, bobbing for apples, lucky dips, and you can also ask local businesses to donate prizes for raffles.

Easter bonnet competitions

Raising funds for your school around Easter time is easily done with an Easter bonnet competition. Ask businesses located near the school to donate prizes for the best three Easter bonnets. Kids will make their bonnet, either in school or at home and pay a small amount of money to enter the competition. To make the most of the event, you can also sell raffle tickets to give people a further chance to win a prize.

Walk to school day

Many pupils get to school on a bus or by car when they actually doing live within walking distance of the school. A walk to school day where children donate their bus fare on the estimated petrol cost to the fund not only raises cash, but is also good for the exercise fact all. Parents can be encouraged to walk with their kids – many are surprised at how much they actually enjoy it!

Sponsored walks

Sponsored walks are not only a tried and trusted fundraising formula, but also a great way to get people socialising and getting to know each other. You do not have to walk great distances, it may be more important to get the word out there about your walk. Let the local paper or radio stations know about your walk as this will give you wide coverage and help with donations.